Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ma's Debutante
It's time for summer repotting. All the the minis, semis and standards are finished.  The trailers will be done this week.  Here are some photos before the plants were disbudded and broken down.

Ma's Debutante is a very reliable grower and bloomer. The leaves can bruise easily when they are heavily variegated, so take care when repotting this one.
Jersey Rose Trail is another cute trailer hybridized by Bob Kurzynski. Time to pot this one from a 3 inch to a 4 inch pot.
Jersey Rose Trail

Trail Along, a micro mini trailer
A leaf from Buckeye Colossal, a Large standard, with my hand for reference. This plant was about 22 inches across when I broke it down.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A summer update..a few in bloom

One of my least favorite chores is disblooming/disbudding plants. This mountain of flowers is the result of after-show precautions. It's a sad thing, but it is for the best. Thrips love to hitch a ride home after a show, so always disbud before you bring your plants in. I did this operation in my garage.
Funny Face - a chimera
Rob's Kitten Kaboodle - a semimini

Jersey Rose Trail

Celtic Rose - semimini
Carousel Pony - a min trailer