Saturday, June 18, 2011

My favorite show plants from the 2011 AVSA Convention

The blooms are long gone and the plant room is really boring...but I have lots of photos from the convention.  Just loved watching my favorite varieties grow and bloom this spring.  Here they are at their best in Cherry Hill.

Best Standard AVSA Collection
Buckeye Bellringer
                    Frozen in Time, Rebel's Splatter Cake, The Alps

Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler

Buckeye Collasal

Rob's Boolaroo

Rob's Gundaroo
Rob's Galiwinku

2nd Best Robinson collection.

Best Vintage Violet - Wood Trail

Amadie Trail

Ness' Satin Rose
Rob's Humpty Doo

Boo Man, Persian Lace, Cupid's Jewel
Petite Blarney - Best Mini, 2nd BIS

Cirelda - Best Trailer, Best in Show

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2011 AVSA Convention Recap

AVSA Convention 2011 turned out much too busy to keep up, and the last couple of weeks have been even more hectic, but I want to share some highlights of my experience.

Working on staging with the Burlington County club on Tuesday.  Susan did all of the amazing design work for the staging.  She is so talented.

Boxing up plants for the trip to the show on Wednesday. 

photo by Neil Lipson
Entries - I was really disorganized.  Thanks to the helpful people who got my plants in the show.  And then we stayed until after 1 AM to get all the plants in the right spot and the staging set.  I had to laugh when told 'don't touch the plants!'  Touched every one of those plants several times as we moved them round and round until we got it right.  And then there was the issue of the plant stakes.......

 The race for the Sales room on Thursday.  I was so excited to get in the sales room.  I found quite a few plants from my 'want list'.

 The Awards dinner on Thursday night with the Jersey Girls from the AVC of Burlington County.  We had a great time.  Was so pleased that many of my club members won awards.

 And I am still shocked that I won first place :)

The Internet Buddies dinner on Friday evening.

The AV Club of Burlington County never misses a party.

 Closing banquet on Saturday night -- patriotic theme.

 What a great week it was.  Next post I will share some of the great plants and designs -- and new introductions.